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Could your child be suffering from iPosture Syndrome

February 28, 2014Head_Forward_Illust What is iPosture Syndrome? iPosture Syndrome refers to the stooping/hunching posture we are increasingly seeing in our young children and teenagers, once an issue seen only in adults. Due to the increase use of portable technology at younger and younger ages stooping is now commonplace in all age groups. The syndrome can have dire...
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5 Top Tips To Fitting Your Child’s Pillow

December 9, 2013This process is simple, only takes a few seconds and yet can be the difference between choosing a poor quality, ill fitting pillow or a great pillow that will support your child in supreme comfort as they grow. 1. Lay your child on their side. 2. Notice the gap between the bed and their neck....
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The importance of a good night’s sleep for growing bodies!

September 19, 2013The importance of good sleep cannot be underestimated. Lack of sleep can have a profound impact on general health, mood, energy levels, learning abilities and overall development. Sleep deprivation can also cause the immune system to break down, making you more susceptible to illness. We need to teach children how sleep affects our general health. Getting...
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