Ollie Owl Chiropractic Pillows

Supports the natural curve of the neck / Correct spinal alignment

When the head and neck are well supported the shoulders tend to remain square and this position is repeated through the lower back and pelvis. Sleeping on your side allows the body to maintain a neutral posture which is the ideal position for the spine, allowing the nerves and spinal cord to be in a state of minimal tension.

Sleep is a time for repair, growth and immune activity, all of which are governed by the nervous system.  It is logical that if the spinal cord and nerves are in an optimal position they will function most effectively and allow the brain to direct its most important job; to allow your child to thrive.

Dr Leigh Sheldrick
B.App.Sci (Chiro)

Purchase your own memory foam pillow for children.  Did you know we have an adult pillow available in our range?