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I have been involved in chiropractic for kids now for over 35 years. During all that time I have never been very satisfied with children’s pillows that were commercially available.

I recently came across Ollie Owl Pillows when Leigh Sheldrick and Tania Beattie asked me to assess their product. I was immediately impressed by the professional manner in which the product is presented and am equally impressed by the features of the pillow. I believe Leigh and Tania have got the dimensions, shape and density exactly right.

Ollie Owl pillows will find their place in the market as a much needed and effective way of protecting young, growing cervical spines during sleep. I am honoured to be able to recommend this excellent quality product to the chiropractic profession. At Kiro Kids, we will be including Ollie Owl pillows as one of our recommended products and I want to urge you to do the same.

Ollie Owl pillows is essentially a professional product, designed by a chiropractor, that is without competitor.

Dr Neil J DaviesCEO, Kiro Kids

As a General Paediatrician of many years standing I am aware of the importance of sleep in children. We know that disturbed sleep will result in behavioural issues including difficulties with ability to concentrate and focus in the classroom.

In addition, growth hormone is secreted largely during sleep time so disrupted sleep may have inadvertent consequences for a growth hormone secretion.  Any initiative which would assist with promoting quality sleep is to be recommended.

Dr Simon Costello, MBBS F.R.A.C.P.General Paediatrics & Neonatology

I am thrilled to have been introduced to the new Ollie Owl range of children’s pillows.  It fills an untapped niche market, providing quality height appropriate pillows for children in their formative years.

The products are graded beautifully to suit the varied needs and sizes of growing infants and children. It is now possible for a family to provide therapeutic size specific pillow for the whole family cost effectively.

Well done Ollie Owl – I am delighted to have them as a family-friendly product within our practice!

Dr Kirsten Holden, B.App.Sci Chiropractic RMITHolden Chiropractic Hampton VIC

For years we have been seeing kids in our practice and always had the ‘what pillow when’ question. Finally we feel that we have a great product to offer our patients at all ages.

The Ollie Owl pillows offer three sizes which makes choosing the right pillow for every child so easy. Kids love being fitted out for their very own pillow, especially their first one!

We have had overwhelming response from our patients and we have such confidence in the company and their product.

Dr Margie Barry, B.App.Sci Chiropractic RMITThe Chiropractic Works Henley Beach SA

Good quality sleep is essential to ensuring optimal development.

Dr Fiona NoblePaediatrician

Our customers

A while back I posted that I was going to try out some Ollie Owl pillows on my two little ones and so many of you wanted to know how we went! Well it’s one month later and they are definitely a hit in this house. My 3 year old constantly complained of a sore neck even though I had him using a fairly flat toddler pillow but since he has been using the ollie owl pillow he hasn’t mentioned his neck once! He has declared it the comfiest pillow he has ever used and it’s his favouritest thing on his bed and my 5 year old girl was getting early morning sniffles that would be gone about an hour after she got up and now sniffles are gone since using this pillow!
Naughty Naturopath Mum

Naughty Naturopath Mum

I’m actually onto my second Ollie Owl pillow. My 2 year old sampled his big brother’s new pillow and loved it so much he’s refused to hand it back – hence the need for two. The proof is in the pilfering… we all just love these pillows!

Catriona RowntreePresenter, Getaway

The Ollie Owl comes packaged in its own zip carry bag, this is great because you can reuse this bag if you have to move to ensure the pillow stays in the best condition. It also ensures you that the pillows are clean and sterile when they come to you. The first thing I liked about this pillow was its size, it was just perfect for a toddler my son is 2.5 years old approx 48cm by 29cm.

The pillow its self is soft but holds its shape which is great for little ones, especially mine who has this thing with using his pillow as a baseball bat.

The pillow has a gentle curve in it which supports the natural curve of the neck.

The biggest test came when I was going to let my son sleep on it for the first time, prior to this he had an adult pillow, which I found was so soft and most nights just ended up on the floor ( I take that as a sign he didn’t like the pillow), So I wasn’t sure how he would react to this pillow.

Earlier that day I had taken Connor to the chiropractor for a check up, there I was told that he had alot of stiffness in his neck, more than likely due to the fact he thinks he is a monkey unfortunately monkey’s cannot fly to well, I mentioned to them that I was going to try a chiropractor endorsed toddler pillow for him, I was met with positive encouragement for the pillows.

Later that night I put Connor to bed with his new pillow inside his robot pillowcase, obviously he didn’t notice much difference as still endeavored to complete the nightly routine of getting up a million times, but once he finally did settle I did notice that he slept with his head on the pillow, which he has not done prior and he did stay that way for the whole night without tossing and turning, again a big deal for him he usually tosses and turns for the entire night.

He had a very sound sleep that night and woke up in the best mood all smiles, and I really do put that down to the pillow.

The following week we had another chiropractor appointment, I was told then that he had alot of movement back in his neck, I asked if this could also be attributed to the new pillow I was using. The chiropractor said yes pillows can make a huge difference to neck stiffness.

Overall since I have been using this new pillow Connor has been sleeping really well, he no longer tosses and turns all night and he regularly waking up in a good mood.

I give this pillow a 10/10 and really wish I had found this pillow prior to letting Connor sleep on a regular pillow and now thinking of investing in a proper pillow for myself and my husband also.

Amy BoydChattymums

I have been using my Ollie Owl pillow for four months now and it has been brilliant.

I had been waking with daily headaches over my left eye and had been getting regular massages to try and relieve them. After two nights on the pillow the headaches stopped and I started feeling so much better on waking. I realise now my regular pillow must have let me sleep in the wrong position.

I have since bought my husband and my two kids pillows from the Ollie Owl range and they love them too. I had a baby three days ago and my 7 year old said “maybe Eva would sleep better if she had an Ollie Owl pillow”.  Too funny!

Thanks again for the great service and the wonderful product.

Kate RichesKensington

Our 4 year old daughter has been using her contoured pillow now for a couple of months and LOVES it! We purchased the pillow on the recommendation of our chiropractor due to her neck issues (she was using a very flat and unsupportive pillow previously).

We love that the pillow is Australian made as we always try to support Australian made. We have been extremely happy and will continue to purchase bigger pillows as she grows.

Jacqueline JohnstonDirector, Body Freedom Urban Spa Retreat

I have been using my Ollie Owl adult pillow for around two months. Previously I had a feather pillow which I thought I would never replace as I could scrunch it into any shape I liked. However since sleeping on my new pillow which was so, so different, I find I have been sleeping better and I’m not waking up with a stiff neck. Also I have not reverted back to my feather pillow.

I take my pillow everywhere and wouldn’t be without it now.

Christine PaineMelbourne

A big thank you to Tania Beattie and Ollie Owl for Olive’s new pillows.  She had a great night sleep last night!

Clair OswinSwan Hill

Jason has been sleeping with his Ollie Mini for nearly a week now and in his words, it’s ‘comfy’. He really loves it, so thank you again.

Janelle BootsGeelong

I just wanted to thank you for my 5yo’s new midi pillow and especially for the pillowcase too. This is her second Ollie Owl pillow and she has loved the other one so much I can’t wait to show her the new one. She loves going to sleep on her Ollie Owl pillow and I love that her spine and neck are being cared for.

Ann GrantManangatang

Our children LOVE their new pillows!

Stacey O’KeefeOcean Grove

Just wanted to tell you that I love the pillow I got for Mia (4.5 years old). After sleeping on it for 2 weeks she began to sleep much better and is now sleeping so soundly that she is sleeping through the night! I’m so impressed. She loves her pillow. Thanks.

Cassie MunroBallarat

I am a huge advocate of these as I have suffered from a bad back and neck since I was about 7 and get chronic migraine from it.  Sadly 2 of my children also suffer form the same issues as me.  I got 2 of the pillows at the last market and have had great results with Miss Lola in particular. She was complaining about sore neck and headache and I have just recently noticed that she has not mentioned anything of late and she says she is fine… yahoo! Well worth her having a great sleep and being out of pain and a huge saving on our osteopathic bills.

Janina LearGeelong

At last a pillow that is perfect for my daughter. Due to my daughter’s medical condition she sleeps in an upright position to control her reflux and this is the only pillow that doesn’t slip down the bed. Not only that but it is comfortable and her breathing has improved due to the allergen free filling.  Georgia is now sleeping through the night for the first time in 4 years.

I love and am confident that only the best materials have been used and sourced ethically, which is important to me. Well done on a great, innovative product.

Samantha MullanGeelong

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