5 Top Tips To Fitting Your Child’s Pillow

December 9, 2013

This process is simple, only takes a few seconds and yet can be the difference between choosing a poor quality, ill fitting pillow or a great pillow that will support your child in supreme comfort as they grow.

1. Lay your child on their side.

2. Notice the gap between the bed and their neck. This is the area that needs the utmost support during sleep. The side of the head should simply be cradled by the pillow.

3. Your child should have both their legs bent; make sure the uppermost leg is not bent up higher than the bottom leg. This position helps minimise kids rolling onto their ‘tummy’ during the night.

4. Next, look at the position of your child’s eyes. You should be able to run an imaginary line vertically (from ceiling to floor) through their eyes and this line should be perpendicular to the floor.

5. Run an imaginary line along the middle of the face, this should be parallel with the floor. (Think of a cross running though the middle of your child’s eyes and nose.) If either of these lines is skewed this is an indication that the pillow is too high or too low. If the lines are perpendicular to each other the pillow height is perfect.

Now give them a kiss and tell them sweet dreams.

NOTE: You should encourage your child to start sleeping on their side from the age of two.