What protects your Ollie Owl Pillow

September 5, 2017CompriShield Our dream range pillows contain CompriShield which is an Anti-Microbial Protection solution that is infused into the foam. It is a natural, sustainable and bio-based microbial control solution that is derived from coconut oil. The solution will not leach out of the foam in its lifetime, due to it being locked and bonded to...
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November 2014 Prices

October 28, 2014Spring is upon us, my favourite jasmine flowers have been filling the air with their perfect smell, I’ve been enjoying my favourite past time of watching the horse racing here in Melbourne and the beautiful spring carnival fashions that are out on display. It just makes for the perfect time to get your Ollie Owl...
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Herald Sun loves a good night’s sleep

September 10, 2014We are so proud of our pillows and love shouting it out to anyone that is happy to listen. Here are a couple of media publications about Ollie Owl pillows. For media enquiries about Ollie Owl pillows, please contact us.
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