Choosing the correct pillow for your child.
Our pillows are available in four sizes and our age range to pillow size is a good general guide. We understand that all bodies are different and there are times when your child’s build may not be typical of the age range indicated. If your child is particularly fine limbed or solidly built and near the start or end of an age bracket it may be more appropriate to go up or down a size.

Answer the following 4 questions to help determine the right pillow choice.
A. Would you consider your child to be a:

  1. Small frame
  2. Medium Frame
  3. Large Frame

B. When visiting the Maternal Health Nurse what head circumference percentile did your child’s measurements fall into?

  1. 0-30th
  2. 30th to 75th
  3. 75th +

C. When buying clothes for your child do you usually buy:

  1. A size smaller than the corresponding age
  2. The size that corresponds to their age
  3. A size bigger than their age

D. Is your child:

  1. Shorter than average
  2. Average height and build
  3. Taller than average

If you choose three or more (1) then go down a size.
If you choose three or more (2) then choose the pillow as indicated by the age range.
If you choose three or more (3) then choose to go up a size.