Sleep is the holy-grail for most families. Not enough and the family goes pear-shaped, getting enough means a smoother and happier household. But sleep means more than a happy house.

And experts agree! Harvard medical school and the Murdoch Institute now link LACK of SLEEP to:

  • problems with learning and engagement at school
  • forming friends
  • self esteem
  • obesity
  • poorer health outcomes.

Up to 40% of children experience sleep problems and your child could be one of them. Every parent wants the best for their child – and now you can provide the best even whilst they sleep.

Ollie Owl pillows are Australian made, age-appropriate pillows, designed by a chiropractor, that gives your child the best night sleep possible – and keeps their growing spines supported and perfectly positioned for a restful night’s sleep.

GECA Certification:

  •  All foams certified under GECA, using international testing standards.
  • Approval only awarded to products with the best environmental ratings.
  • Testing done on: toxics, recycled content, renewable energy involvement, plus end-of-life impact.

But don’t take our word for it – listen to the kids themselves:

  • This is so comfy, I love it.
    Bella, age 4
  • My pillow cuddles me.
    Jack, age 9
  • My pillow didn’t fall on the floor mum. How cool.
    Leo, age 3

Did you know…

  • over 50% of all children’s ‘first pillows’ are passed down from an older family member
  • 1/3 of the weight of a two-year old pillow is made up of dustmites and their POO
  • Australian kids have the highest allergy rates in the word (with 40% suffering)
  • 2/3 of all allergy sufferers are sensitive to dustmites.

Don’t leave your child’s health to chance. Don’t let them sleep on dust mites and their POO. Ollie Owl’s specially contoured, hypoallergenic, Australian made pillows are POO-FREE AND give your child’s spine the support they deserve. Why would you let them sleep on anything else?

A better night sleep is available to everyone. Check out our news to find a selection of insightful articles about the importance of sleep for all ages, and practical ideas to help you get better rest.

Every parent wants the best for their child – and now you can provide the best even while they sleep.