Amy Boyd

June 25, 2015

The Ollie Owl comes packaged in its own zip carry bag, this is great because you can reuse this bag if you have to move to ensure the pillow stays in the best condition. It also ensures you that the pillows are clean and sterile when they come to you. The first thing I liked about this pillow was its size, it was just perfect for a toddler my son is 2.5 years old approx 48cm by 29cm.

The pillow its self is soft but holds its shape which is great for little ones, especially mine who has this thing with using his pillow as a baseball bat.

The pillow has a gentle curve in it which supports the natural curve of the neck.

The biggest test came when I was going to let my son sleep on it for the first time, prior to this he had an adult pillow, which I found was so soft and most nights just ended up on the floor ( I take that as a sign he didn’t like the pillow), So I wasn’t sure how he would react to this pillow.

Earlier that day I had taken Connor to the chiropractor for a check up, there I was told that he had alot of stiffness in his neck, more than likely due to the fact he thinks he is a monkey unfortunately monkey’s cannot fly to well, I mentioned to them that I was going to try a chiropractor endorsed toddler pillow for him, I was met with positive encouragement for the pillows.

Later that night I put Connor to bed with his new pillow inside his robot pillowcase, obviously he didn’t notice much difference as still endeavored to complete the nightly routine of getting up a million times, but once he finally did settle I did notice that he slept with his head on the pillow, which he has not done prior and he did stay that way for the whole night without tossing and turning, again a big deal for him he usually tosses and turns for the entire night.

He had a very sound sleep that night and woke up in the best mood all smiles, and I really do put that down to the pillow.

The following week we had another chiropractor appointment, I was told then that he had alot of movement back in his neck, I asked if this could also be attributed to the new pillow I was using. The chiropractor said yes pillows can make a huge difference to neck stiffness.

Overall since I have been using this new pillow Connor has been sleeping really well, he no longer tosses and turns all night and he regularly waking up in a good mood.

I give this pillow a 10/10 and really wish I had found this pillow prior to letting Connor sleep on a regular pillow and now thinking of investing in a proper pillow for myself and my husband also.