Dream First pillow package – 2 to 4 years


$99.00 $84.00

Looking for the perfect first pillow for your little one?

Included in this package is:

1 x mini dream contour pillow (50cm length x 30cm width x 7/5cm height)

1 x mini envelope fold pillowcase (We are currently out of stock of this item please indicate if you would like this sent at a later stage when we receive them in or if you would like to receive an extra pillow protector. Note the delay on this product could be a couple of months, possibly end of August)

1 x mini tencel waterproof backing pillow protector

Safety notice
Pillows are not suitable for babies – please see the SIDS and Kids safe sleeping guidelines for when to buy a pillow for your toddler.
March 26, 2010
At what age can I introduce cot bumpers and pillows?
Soft bedding such as pillows, quilts, duvets and bumpers increase the risk of sudden unexpected infant death. They may cover the baby’s face and obstruct breathing or cause overheating. Older babies in a cot can be at an increased risk of a sleeping accident by using pillows and bumpers as a step to climb up and fall out of the cot. It is safer to wait until the child starts to sleep in a bed before introducing a pillow or other soft bedding.

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