What protects your Ollie Owl Pillow

September 5, 2017


Our dream range pillows contain CompriShield which is an Anti-Microbial Protection solution that is infused into the foam. It is a natural, sustainable and bio-based microbial control solution that is derived from coconut oil. The solution will not leach out of the foam in its lifetime, due to it being locked and bonded to the foam’s surface. When it reaches the end of its life-cycle, the components of CompriShield breaks down into oxygen, nitrogen and sand. This allows for a safe and easy way for the solution to be recycled back into the environment. Hence it provides a product that is not only environmentally friendly, but is safe for children and pets. Another reason it is great for people and pets is that it provides an efficient protection mechanism against dust mites, mould, odour and mildew. Dust mites are one of the major causes of allergies and asthma. CompriShield is able to control the dust mite populations by eliminating their food sources, such as mould and bacteria. It is able to do this by setting up a series of molecular road spikes on the surface of the foam. The pathogen is magnetically attracted to the spike (due to the positive charge of Nitrogen), resulting in the cell wall being pierced. This allows for water to enter the cell wall until it gets too full. When this happens, the cell loses its structural integrity, leading to its destruction. This prevents bacteria from adapting the foam’s surface, and therefore allows CompriShield to protect it over the long term.